Wednesday, May 7, 2008

French Vanilla Ice Coffee

I'm beginning to realize that a good cup of ice coffee is exactly the crack I need sometimes (note: I don't condone drugs). 7-11 seriously makes the best ice coffee. It's like a piece of heaven and exactly what I need on this crap filled day.

Why today is crap:

1. My AP US exam is on friday and I know nothing and I'm freaking out like crazy!!!!!
2. My brother is stinking up the house with smoke again. grr
3. My computer keeps getting pop ups and it is not conducive to blogging
4. I haven't knit or crocheted in days. It feels like a self-imposed exile
5. Even if I did want to play with fiber I have to study.
6. Of course, instead of studying I'm posting here, going on youtube, checking my mail and facebook, and generally wasting time.
7. I haven't caught up on anyone's blog posts in weeks!

Why today is not crap:
1. I took a day off from school to study
2. Procrastinating is fun, if unproductive
3. I got 8 hours of sleep o.0
4. Ice Coffee

Sorry I haven't posted in forever. As soon as the AP is over I'll post a yummy long post.