Wednesday, April 9, 2008

WARNING: This post contains all the colors of the rainbow

I almost didn't post today.
Here's the conversation that occured between myself and ... me.

Myself: I shouldn't post today. I have nothing interesting to show. I already posted basically everything I'm working on in the last post.
Me: ... you do realize that not every post has to be novel.
Myself: Oh... right.

So, actually there was something I didn't post last time. I'm working on the Razor Cami. It's going slowly, but it's really pretty and I get to use my circular needles (yay circs! I never get to use them.)

The cami is actually into the lace part already. It's about 6 inches in (including ribbing). Yay!

I also had way to much fun with my camera and crochet hooks today...
Hmm... new rav avatar perhaps?

Also, I went to the mall today, so therefore:

Crafty Sightings!

First, a cute crocheted cardigan (say that 5 times fast):

And an awesome shirt which unfortunately did not come in my size (at all. Not even something I could squeeze into): Yes, those are knitting needles, yarn, and scissors all over the shirt. !!!!!
Both sighted in H&M. It's funny because although I can almost never find clothes to wear there I can always find crafty sightings. I've already gotten past the weirdness of taking pictures in H&M. ("crazy lady with camera! run!") Hmm, I've just noticed that they are both green... random observation.

On a more serious and completely unrelated note, I wanted to write about an amazing project. I'm going to end up explaining this terribly so I 'm stealing this bit from the site:

My name is Shawn - I'm a 26 year old former graduate student from the University of Notre Dame. After attending the 2006 Notre Dame Forum on Global Health and meeting Dr. Jeffrey Sachs (author of the book "The End of Poverty") - I was inspired to come to Bangladesh for a small, short-term, and self-funded project to see what difference I can make in helping some of the world's worst off. My goal is to inspire those who read this to ask themselves the question "are we doing enough to make a the world a better place?".

This guy put his graduate degree on hold and is doing wonderful work in Bangladesh. His main objective is not to hackle people for money, but rather to show the poverty from a firsthand perspective. He is completely self-funded. He posts videos on youtube, writes on his blog, and posts picture on his Flickr account.

Shawn's blog -
Shawn's Youtube -
Shawn's Flickr -

He's doing amazing work and I really recommend you check him out.

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Sisterly Knits said...

Good Luck on the razor cami. Love the crochet hook picture! :D It's very pretty.