Sunday, April 6, 2008

Okay I lied...

I said I would post on monday... and I didn't. So now this is gonna be a big post to make up for it.
First, I want to answer AJknitz's power-of-7 tag-game-thingy that she tagged me in a month and a half ago (woah, procrastination).
I have to post 7 weird/random things about myself:

1. My computer's name is Samantha
2. I have 4 siblings (2 older brothers and 2 younger sisters who are known on this blog as sister#1 and sister#2)
3 I LOVE Harry Potter
4. I got a 2000 on my SATs (1380 for those who go by the 1600 system)
5. I once ran up the down escalator
6. I will be voting for McCain (Lesser of the three evils. I don't like any of the candidates)
7. I will be spending next year in Israel!
And now I have to select 7 people to continue the game. I'm sure a large amount of people have already been tagged so I apologize if I pick someone who already went.

Some of the people I picked I knew from before and some I've never talked to in my life (but would like to get to know you better!). Considering that fiber addiction seems to be the only constant in my life it's good to make friends I can take with me wherever I go. (Yes, that was a mini-freakout that OMG WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NEXT YEAR WHERE I ONLY KNOW ONE PERSON!)
Anyway, if you were tagged make a post with 7 random/weird things about yourself and then tag 7 more people. Good luck!

I'm beginning to notice something. I get obsessed with things way too quickly.
Obsessions:(As of today. They constantly change)
Craftster (I’ve been neglecting this one lately)
Indie music
Making random montages
Firefly (squee)
Charlieissocoollike (this is a new one)
Nerdfighters (also a newish one)
David Reidy
Taking massive amounts of pictures
Harry Potter
Tamora Pierce
Nailpolish (yes, this can be an obsession)
Blogging (hahahahahhahahaha... okay, I'm trying to make this one an obsession)

Dear God, I have no life.

By the way, I never did mention something. Months ago I bought a ravelry T-shirt!
A myspace-esque photo:Yay!

Okay, Okay. Now I'll talk about crocheting. You may have noticed that I completely disregarded crocheting in my past post and it made me sad to think I wasn't sharing my greater love.

I finished the NatCroMo Freeform CAL! It was such an interesting project because I really got to try out so many different styles and stitches of crochet.
I'm trudging my way through my ripple blanket again. I want to try to finish it by August so that maybe I can bring it to Israel with me.Do you love it as much as I do?

I finished the Seraphina Shawl for my grandmother and the cable scarf for my grandfather in January.
A while ago I finished the Shades of Plaid scarf from CrochetMe (awesome book!).
This is the scarf before I wove in the chains:And all finished!Flying scarf picture! I've seriously fallen in love with flying scarf pictures. Also, flying sister pictures (this is sister #1) And my awesome photographer: She's decided she wants to be a photographer when she grows up so she tries to make the pictures look artsy instead of focusing on the object. Oh well, they come out looking cool.

Book Review!The Sweet Far Thing by Libbra Bray
The third book in the series and definitely just as awesome as the first two. I was a little dissapointed with some of the plot turns, but I loved how she kept Gemma's humor and insights throughout the book. For example (the passage continues on both pictures. It's not two seperate things):
Heehee. Cheese.
Hmm... wow. Okay, I think I'm done. That was LONG. This post actually took me two hours to write (if you count taking the pictures, picking blogs to tag, etc.)
Phew. Okay, I'm going to go eat lunch.


kaet said...

Beautiful crochet, all of it! Fun post, too.

SoccerGirl said...

I LOVE the ripple blanket!! I wish that I could crochet and make one of those!!

SoccerGirl said...

I found your blog on the high school yarn group on ravelry, by the way. Oh and my computer has a name too...Fiona.

ajknitz said...

Love the blanket! Where'd you get the Ravelry tee from?! I want one!

Kristin said...

I may have to re-read that series (or re-listen, as I listened to all of them on audiobook). I miss Gemma & her friends, now that I've finished the books.

Great shots of your crochet! I came across your blog via Ravelry, where my username is snarlingbadger.