Saturday, March 29, 2008


That word probably accurately defines me for the past two months. I mean lazy in writing this blog. Here are some of the excuses I used to convince myself that I was not indeed very lazy:
-my internet is annoying
-my crocheting has been boring
-I don't have time
-I have schoolwork
-I should really clean my room instead
-I want to browse youtube instead...
-I want to comtemplate a secret project that might not even happen
-I just want to see how many comments I get on my last post and see how many "i'm sorry about your computer problems" it takes for me to feel guilty.

beacause the truth is I could have written. In fact, I should have written, but I guess when it comes down to it I was lazy. And then rainin9 says she's going to link to me. My stomach clenched, my mouth opened. "But I haven't written in two months!!!" my brain (on crochet) screamed. So I pulled up the keyboard, kicked myself in the butt, and searched my pictures file for recently finished projects.

Here we go:
First, I've been knitting socks. I used the Universal Toe-up Sock pattern from and have been making thick-ish socks for the winter that just flew by. Luckily (or unluckily... this is a glass is half full moment) it is still cold here.
Um... this is only a third of the pictures I took. I was slightly obsessed and amazed with myself.

The above is currently my desktop background...

By the way remember the long ago pink and black skull socks (oy vey)? Well, it's actually the pink and black sock - as in single. And it could probably fit Hagrid (HP!).

Oh I also made a second pair using the Universal toe-up sock pattern and this time put ribbing on top (how adventurous...)


Next up- knitted Mrs. Darcy sweater by Mary Weaver. I know this is a knitting filled post!

lol myspace-esque photo...

I added 3 inches to the back and 1 1/2 inches to each front side. I was too much. I didn’t count in negative ease so it’s a bit on the big side. The arms were too long because my needles were too big. oy vey. All in all though I’m pretty happy with it. It’s very cozy and gets me lots of compliments. It's Patons classic merino wool in rich red.

Last, but certainly not least, a Crafty Sighting!This knit sweater was spotted in the window of Infinity. I want it. Now. I'm debating working on a pattern for crochet (because I'm more experienced with it), but nothing is definite. I just like looking at the picture (because they took it outof the window already :( )

So, I've just noticed that it is two in the morning and I am not finished at all with posting all my projects. So instead I'm just going to write one tomorrow (see that. I put it in writing so now I have to do it)

Just as a by the way, I've been working on the NatCroMo Freeform CAL so I'll try to post tomorrow... no, no, I WILL post it tomorrow.

By the way if anyone has any questions, opinions, random facts, please comment because I'd love to interact with my readers, but I'm not completely sure who my readers are.

Also if you have come by way of Ravelry- HALLO! - friend me (I'm Ithinktoomuch) and we shall discuss yarn related things. :)


p.s. I will answer AJknitz's tag challenge tomorrow!

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