Friday, December 7, 2007

Happy Chanukah!

Ahh, so I haven't blogged in a while and feeling very guilty about it. First, off I bought yarn:the pink baby yarn is for a shawl for my grandmother. It's the Seraphina shawl. There are issues with the pattern so I would only recomend it for someone who doesn't need exact direction. I'm pretty sure that some people re-wrote the pattern to be more readable on ravelry.
Here's the first few rows, but I'm actually up to row 26, but I didn't take a pic yet.

The dark navy yarn is hopefully going to be a scarf for my grandfather. I'm sending the shawl and the scarf to them for chanukah. They live in England so shipping is going to be a ton. :(
Did you notice the thing sitting on top of all that yarn? Dude, it's a light-up crochet hook...I'm. In. Love. I crochet on the bus ride home and it's always really dark so now I can crochet! I brought it to school and got mixed reactions (either "that's so cool!" or "what the hell?")Besides being awesomely bright it is also really comfortable. My hand does not hurt as much as it sometimes does with my aluminum hooks.

Here it is shoved in my pink yarn and shining through :) I love all things bright and shinySo, I woke up last sunday to this:
SNOW!!!!! It's been randomly snowing (well, really flurrying) lately, but not anything snowman worthy.
I started knitting the skull socks of fury and since these are my first knit socks I'm having issues. I probably should have picked a more professional pattern, but the skulls called to me.
(I attempted to show the snow in the background, but it didn't work.) I'm actually up to the heel now, but it is now frozen in time and I haven't knit on it since.
I have recently discovered something of awesomeness called StitchBook which is an application on facebook. It is pretty cool and seems to have a large community. Personally I'll stick to craftster and ravelry, but it seems interesting.

So I have recently discovered the wonder of knit and crochet podcasts. I have no idea what took me so long. Here are the ones I am currently subscribed to:
Cast On - very well done and interesting
It's a Purl, Man - male podcaster, very interesting
Knitters Uncensored - I only listened to one episode, but I wasn't so impressed
Limenviolet - beyond awesome. There are no words to describe my love for them. hysterical
Make magazine - very interesting crafts that are always ultra cool (video)
Pointy Sticks - well done, interesting to listen to
SSK - I haven't gotten a chance to listen yet, but I've heard it's very good
Sticks & String - love the podcast, the music, the accent, and the essays. very well done.
The Mosh Knit - a punk knitter. I only listened to about 10 minutes, and it seems okay so far.
YarnCraft - by Lionbrand. Very good and has recently interviewed Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee so they're in my good book.

Now I just have to find time to listern to all of them.
It's been a bit crazy over here what with applying for schools in Israel and dealing with school, but I have a bit of a break now for chanukah (I go back wednesday) so I'm so excited for some time to chill and craft a bit.

toodles and Happy Chanukah!!!

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