Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dude, yarn

I have yarn. Like gorgeous stuff. My mother's co-worker (Nancy!) used to knit and everyone still gives her yarn, but she doesn't knit anymore. So she gives it to my mom who gives it to me and my sisters. It was a lot of fun fur and moda dea. We put it all on a table and each took a turn selecting a skein. I picked some really yummy stuff. And took a bajillion pics. Then we buried my sister is yarn and took pics. Unfortunately, my camera decided a while ago it does not like my computer and will not put pics on it. So I have to use my mother's or my sister's (brand-new!) computer, but last night my mom was out at a bat-mitzvah and her computer has a password. And I got into a fight with sister #1 so she wouldn't let me touch her computer. So after this whole long story I have no pictures of yarn to show you.

If you're depressed go look at this. It rox my crocheted sox.

Also, really funny convo between me and 11 year old(sister #2), while discussing the fun fur hat she was crocheting:
Me: I've never knitted a circle in fun fur.
Sister #2: You mean crocheted.
Me: oh yeah, I've just been knitting so much lately.
Sister #2: traitor!


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