Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hand Pains - 11 days left

So for the past 2 weeks my computer has been slowly dying. It started with a few innocent pop-ups. Then the internet got slower. Eventually the internet froze over like a lake in January. This leaves me with a lot of free time. So I was good girl and studied for my psychology test... okay, so I haven't cracked open the book. But the Chanukah Boutique is in less than 2 weeks! I honestly don't know how I'll be ready. I'm not going to say the running count of hats and scarves because the number is embarrasingly small. So today I worked on 3 seperate scarves and 2 hats. I also sewed in the ends on 4 projects. I was so proud of myself. And then on the last row of one particulary spectacular scarf my hand protested. Little winces of pain in my wrist. Grrrr. Since I have a large fear of carpal tunnel I put the scarf down. It's sitting on the chair next to me, tauntingly. I think this may be God's way ofsaying that I should get off my butt and study psychology... or the 300 vocab words I have to learn by Tuesday (I'm so not exagerating,I counted). Or He could be telling em that if I'm planning on studying in Israel next year, I should fill out some applications. So I'm taking a few hours break from crocheting, but of course instead of studying I'm writing (on the family's computer because, if you recall, mine is terminal). I'm am also itching to make myself some socks... and finish up my granny blanket, and make a hat or scarf for ME! but of course nothing is going to get done until I finish the things for the boutique. Oh woe, is the life of a crocheter.

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