Monday, November 12, 2007

counting down...

So... the Boutique is in 3 days...65 hours. Minus around 20 hours(roughly) of sleeping. Minus 7 hours of school times 3= 21 hours. Minus hours getting ready in the morning = 3 hours. Minus eating dinner= roughly 2 hours. Minus the amount of time I ride on the bus to a from school = about 3 hours total. Minus my gossip girl fix= 1 hour. That leaves me with... 15 hours!!! That's it! That's all the time I have left. that's like 2-3 scarves, or 3-4 hats. That's nothing.
As you can tell, I am soooo not ready. I'm also having mini freakouts because of the amount responsibilities I took on this year. I made a list of things to do... and I lost it. So now I don't know what to do.Therefore, I blog. I mean it's only close to 1AM. So what if I'm getting up at 6:45 AM. So what if I fail my test tommorow because I didn't write notes in that class. I'll just have more mini-freakouts. It's all good. Basically.. stress=woah. Senior year is not looking so fun from this angle. I just got to keep trudging to the second half (AKA= lazy) of senior year. And now I'm going to sleep.


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