Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why am I blogging when I have a test to study for? -or- An insane amount of pics

okay, so I may be procrasinating, but it's all in the spirit of crafting. (at least that's what I keep telling myself. I haven't posted in forever so I got a ton to share. Despite the fact that I am supposed to be working on scarves and hats for the boutique coming up (Nov. 15!) I seem to have many mysterious projects popping up.
First, I attempted book binding. Then I gave up on it. So I made up my own bookbinding.I wuv it. The spirals I just made a circle of wire and put beads on them. The book is full of random paper, envelopes, college brochures, and other random paraphenalia that I thought would be cool to use. The envelope is to hold the random pieces of paper I usually write my poems on.

After this I suddenly had the urge to make a dress. Afterabout 5 rows I decided to giveup on that, but didn't want to frog what I had done. Then I realized what a pretty headband it was! I love awesome mistakes.

So since it's been the holiday of Sukkot (holiday of the booths) we had to decorate our succah (a tentish type thing you have your meals in)I think me and my sisters did an awesome job decorating. It's only halfway done in the pic. My sister had too much fun with the decorations...

Then I went to hide so I wouldn't have to help cook. Don't WIP granny blankets make the best hiding spots. See if you can find me.

In a last attempt to grab at the wisps of summer my family went to the beach. It was awesome. Me and my sisters went far out to were the waves weren't breaking, just the water swelled high up and you kept having to jump.Here we are, desperately trying t not to drown. You can see my sister looking back to see when the next wave was coming.

Okay, finally, I do have a few boutique WIP pics. First I went to Michaels and bought a bunch of yarn, 2 hooks, and a pair of really thick knitting needles.I started a white knit scarf. Check out the state of my keyboard :PMe in a knitting frenzy:I started a brown hat but it started looking like a bald cap
I continued anyway and it didn't turn out that bad. I also started a really pretty pick shell scarf.By the way, my face was so the best place to photograph I so don't know how this photo happpened, but I love it.

And finally, this is the truth about crochet addiction.
Drugs are bad, yo.

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