Monday, September 24, 2007

Yarn, books, and face-painting

This sticker was on a bannana which is so funny because this is normally what I do with bannana stickers. lol It really made my day. Anyway I got my mother to let me use her computer. yay! So now I got some pictures.

First is one square of a granny square scarf that I am so gonna run out of yarn for before its finished. I finished the first square yesterday during babysitting (thank God for gamecube). Here it that scarf that is identical to the one I made last year. I finished the main body but I have to make the fringe. Same sister posing.
I wanted to get a scarf flying picture and this was the best I got. Very odd picture lol.
Also, I have a new must-read book. And author. I've read other Jodi Picoult books and they are all amazing. I'm almost done with Nineteen Minutes and it is so heavy that I have to occasionally switch between this and a trashy teen book. It's very deep. She makes all the characters so real. Definitely recommended.
And while I was transfering pics to my computer I found these pics I took when my father took my family to a outdoor mozart concert. They had face painting for the kids(I'm still a kid right?). I'm a dragon lol.

I'm such a dork :P

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