Monday, September 24, 2007

Yarn, books, and face-painting

This sticker was on a bannana which is so funny because this is normally what I do with bannana stickers. lol It really made my day. Anyway I got my mother to let me use her computer. yay! So now I got some pictures.

First is one square of a granny square scarf that I am so gonna run out of yarn for before its finished. I finished the first square yesterday during babysitting (thank God for gamecube). Here it that scarf that is identical to the one I made last year. I finished the main body but I have to make the fringe. Same sister posing.
I wanted to get a scarf flying picture and this was the best I got. Very odd picture lol.
Also, I have a new must-read book. And author. I've read other Jodi Picoult books and they are all amazing. I'm almost done with Nineteen Minutes and it is so heavy that I have to occasionally switch between this and a trashy teen book. It's very deep. She makes all the characters so real. Definitely recommended.
And while I was transfering pics to my computer I found these pics I took when my father took my family to a outdoor mozart concert. They had face painting for the kids(I'm still a kid right?). I'm a dragon lol.

I'm such a dork :P

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Reminiscing last year's crochet escapade

So I've been really bad about posting. Since I'm crocheting for the chanukah boutique my shul is running I'll be posting more now. It's going to be November 15th! whoo! lol. Last year was awesome, but since it was first real selling thing I sold everything for $10 each. This year I'm gonna do $15 and see how it goes. Here are scarves and hats I made for last year's boutique.
Side: My sister the model :) This was the only serious face picture I could get her to take. I'm actually making another scarf exactly like this for this year's boutique.

Below: A really soft blue scarf and the same scarf pictured to the left.
Side: My sister wearing the same scarf pictured above and a black hat.
Below: Numerous hats :P

My favorite moment from making all these things was when my brother saw me making a light pink scarf and told me that is was so easy. He then tried and failed to make a stitch and then said "well, it's stupid anyway." And of course for revenge I took a picture of him crocheting the pink scarf and am posting it on my blog lol.

Oh, and completely randomly here is a closeup of the flower I made for the hat my sis is wearing in the first picture.
Unfortunately my camera has thrown a fit and refuses to download pics to my computer and will only work on my mom's computer. This means that I must bug and beg my mother to borrow her computer :P . I'll see if I can get in progress pics up sometime this week.
And lastly here is one of my sister's less serious poses lol.
Sorry for the complete modpodge of pictures and comments, but my brain is so on the fritz right now that I can't bother to make it look nice... or somewhat orderly. So please excuse the mess. :)
Okay that's it for today. I'm gonna go crochet and watch scrubs.You've got to love scrubs and yarn. It's is such an awesome combination.
" I can't do this all on my own cause I know, I'm no superman. I'm no superman" :)