Sunday, June 17, 2007

No more song entitled posts because I accidentally deleted half my music and am sad

So after working on the Light N' Lively from I've been told my more than one person that it looks like I'm wearing a bra on the outside. I think I'll just leave it in my closet to hang in pride because I am very proud of it. I was part of the crochetalong at

So my little sister was taking the pictures and we had a little bit too much fun.Be prepared for an avalanche of pics.
This is the very much modified back of the tank.

a closeup of the button, reused from an old ponytail (one of the ones with the bobbles on it)

This is where I wanted to see if I could get one of those pics where you jump and it looks like ur flying... I couldn't

My little sister is pratically Peter Pan :p

In other crochet-y news the new face of is amazing. I love it! It's much more clean-cut and easier to follow. Not to mention I love the new logos. (example on right) Honestly, I don't think I'd be as much of a crocheter as I am today without craftster so I'm shouting out my love to them.

Speaking of awesome websites, I am waiting anxiously for the opening of It looks like its going to be amazing. They put up screen shots ( so now I'm really excited.

Eep, and on top of all this wonderful news my last regent (and last day of 11th grade) is on Thursday!!! The night before that is my camp orientation :)

Life is good.

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Karan said...

Your finished L&L looks great, don't hide it away! wear it with pride : ) haha and I loved the "not being able to fly" pictures - not quite light and lively enough huh?!