Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hey There Delilah

oooh, love that song... anyway

I finally finished the bunny!

Meet "Rabbi" the bunny (rabbit - T = not my idea)
I fell in love with him but I know he's going to a good home. :)
He's made with some patons, some red heart, and some caron's simply soft. He's the bedfellows pattern from The Happy Hooker. His ears are not from the pattern b/c I wanted them to be more floppy.
Here's a video of him dancing for your hilariousity
I love that my sisters are such crafty kids. Here's my youngest sister (11 yrs) crocheting her first big project (a scarf)
I've also been progressing on my ripple blanket theat I started forever ago, but I'll post pics when I get more done.
Now I'm gonna go listen to people playing guitar (namely, my other sister and my best friend) beccause they are annoyed that I'm writing on my blog instead of listening to them


Gina said...

very cute !!!

Kamina said...

so cute! I love it.