Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! That is the sound of caffeine rushing through my veins. 28oz. of yummy mocha latte caffeine coffee.

So I have been making tons of bookmarks lately. Like 6 in the past two daysNot a good picture, but I love the one with shell and the one with the green dinosaur(yup a dinosaur). I also made my mother a bookmark (she has been not so subtly hinting for the past 2 weeks) (not pictured)
Then since it was my little sister's(sister #1) friend's birthday and her present is going to be belated I made her a bookmark till I get her the real present (the bunny mentioned two posts ago) I love these beadds.

And now I made a green scarf ($1.99 a skein for homespun at amazing savings!) As great as that price is unfortunately it made a short scarf. I'll put it in my pile of stuff to sell anyway (its so warm and soft)

Little sister #2 modeling in her pj's (cutie!)

Also since the new crochetme is out ( (whoooooooo! yay!) I'm starting on the reduction tote bag ( as my new beach/pool bag. Done in double-stranded yellow and orange (summery). This project is to console me as it is currently pouring outside and will be for the next week. Instead of the reduction symbol I'm putting the word "Luverly" (I love my fair lady) because life should always be loverly. (I'm using a "u" instead of "o" becuase... well, I don't know why, I just like spelling "love" as "luv")

Okay, my hyper post is over (mainly because I keep having to delete words that I spell wrong because my hands are jittering over the key board) and I have to go finish the bunny (which I have been informed will be named Rabbi. Whatever makes her happy.)
joy and sunny days to come (oh naive little me)

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