Thursday, March 29, 2007

Shticks Of One And Half A Dozen Of The Other

Isn't it just the most wonderful to make a fresh pair of fingerless gloves. (Despite the fact that i ran out of yarn with 8 stitches and had to use black yarn to sew up the side on one, i still love them.) Except for the fact that it was boiling the day after i made them :( so they've been sitting very prettily on my desk but are pretty much useless unless it gets cold here again which I pray it doesn't. The colors in the picture are actually off. They're really much prettier. But besides for that I haven't crocheted that much in the past couple of days. Mainly because I have been extreme cleaning my room which includes going through all my yarn and evntually putting it neatly away. so far I have two stuffed draws and three garbage bags full and I'm still unearthing more. I've also been stalling like crazy (talking months here) on a bunny I was supposed to make for my sister's friend. It's the bunny pattern from The Happy Hooker and I used the wrong hook for one part and thus his head is strange. Plus he has lost an eye in the fray so I think I might just put a button there. I think that the real reason I'm phobic about finishing this bunny is because I have no idea what to do for the ears. I've been experimenting lately and I hope to find cute ears soon.
Meanwhile it just lays decapitated and half-blind.
I've also been working on a very belated birthday present for my best friend. It's punk bunny! He is faceless and armless but he still has attitude. I hope to finish him in the next week, but I don't have to hurry because my friend is in Israel and won't be home for 2 weeks. You can't see in the picture but he has 2 metal rings in his ear. He is expecting a red mohawk and an eyebrow ring. He ears have wire in them and are poseable. It took forever to figure out how to do that but now I love it. He is my own pattern which I hope to eventually write down so I can make many more bunnies!

Oh! and on a completely unrelated topic, I went shopping yesterday!
Introducing my new polka dot wedge heels! toodles!

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