Saturday, December 15, 2007

Masala Chai Tea

I am in heaven. I have a masala chai tea in hand and the new Limenviolet podcast playing. I was graced with their podcasting presence 5 days ago and voila! there is another one!!! Life is so good.
I now have pictures of my yummy yarn from the wonderful Nancy. My mother basically put all the yarn on a table and we(me and sistas) took turns picking.
Yes, you do see some fun fur. I know many people view fun fur as a thing of acrylic evilness, but I have a confession. Fun fur is my guilty pleasure. There is something about its tangly-acrylicy-obnoxious colored- practically uselessness that makes me squee a bit. I actually did not end up with any fun fur, ironically. My weakness fell to the Moda Dea. GORGEOUS. Here's is an awful picture of my picks:
Sister #2 was ecstatic and kept snuggling her yarn.She started crocheting a hat out of rainbow fun fur (which only she can pull off wearing). Since I have never made a hat or any circular object out of fun fur I was unaware of its stretchiness in circular form. Even though she has stopped increasing it is still GROWING and not curving in at all. So she asked if Icould pull out like half the rows. Fun fur is the worst thing ever to have to frog. It get tangles and rips very easily. I ended up having to take scissors to it and it is still not done.Sister #1 decided to pile all of the yarn on her face. This included my yarn which almost sneezed into, but I saved it at the last second. By the by, she is now on ravelry as thelilcrocheter which is awesomeness. (I can't remember if I posted this before, but I'm Ithinktoomuch) This week has been pretty fun. My chanukah was good. Lighting the candles has always been my favorite part.My mother, sistas, and I went to NYC. This included a trip to the M&Ms store which is 3 floors of M&M merchandise. Also a 12 foot blue M&M. Sistas in front of said blue M&M:Only one WIP pic because I have been a lazy bum in the crocheting area.The Seraphina shawl for my grandma. It went so fast at first and now it's going very slowly and I can barely make myself do one row. I want at least another 6-8 rows. oy

And finally a new segment on my blog:
Crafty Sightings!
I went to the city(NYC) this past tuesday and sighted many crafty things that I had to whip out my camera and take pictures of while family members pretended not to be related to the crazy lady with a yarn obsession. (run-on sectences rock)

First off a skull intarsia scarf in H&M. I want to try to graph this because I'm in lurve with it.
This is a sign for blood donations at the train station. There is a grandma blood droplet in a rocking chair. Steroptypically there is yarn and knitting needles next to her.
And finally, we went to The Museum of the City of New York and in the children's section was this sock monkey.
One day I shall crochet/knit one... one day.Also, not so crafty but definitely inspiring:
Those tubes are filled with M&Ms... It was like chocolate heaven. It is also color inspiration.

The cherry on top of a pretty awesome week was one of my chanukah presents. My mommy in all her wisdom (or maybe it was because of my not so subtle hints) bought me the new Crochet Me book! While not all the patterns are things I would make, there were many cute things. The parts I really love are the essays. It makes me feel empowered by crochet.

Apparently, a northeaster is supposed to blow in tomorrow so I will spend the day crocheting and cuddling in blankets.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dude, yarn

I have yarn. Like gorgeous stuff. My mother's co-worker (Nancy!) used to knit and everyone still gives her yarn, but she doesn't knit anymore. So she gives it to my mom who gives it to me and my sisters. It was a lot of fun fur and moda dea. We put it all on a table and each took a turn selecting a skein. I picked some really yummy stuff. And took a bajillion pics. Then we buried my sister is yarn and took pics. Unfortunately, my camera decided a while ago it does not like my computer and will not put pics on it. So I have to use my mother's or my sister's (brand-new!) computer, but last night my mom was out at a bat-mitzvah and her computer has a password. And I got into a fight with sister #1 so she wouldn't let me touch her computer. So after this whole long story I have no pictures of yarn to show you.

If you're depressed go look at this. It rox my crocheted sox.

Also, really funny convo between me and 11 year old(sister #2), while discussing the fun fur hat she was crocheting:
Me: I've never knitted a circle in fun fur.
Sister #2: You mean crocheted.
Me: oh yeah, I've just been knitting so much lately.
Sister #2: traitor!


Friday, December 7, 2007

Happy Chanukah!

Ahh, so I haven't blogged in a while and feeling very guilty about it. First, off I bought yarn:the pink baby yarn is for a shawl for my grandmother. It's the Seraphina shawl. There are issues with the pattern so I would only recomend it for someone who doesn't need exact direction. I'm pretty sure that some people re-wrote the pattern to be more readable on ravelry.
Here's the first few rows, but I'm actually up to row 26, but I didn't take a pic yet.

The dark navy yarn is hopefully going to be a scarf for my grandfather. I'm sending the shawl and the scarf to them for chanukah. They live in England so shipping is going to be a ton. :(
Did you notice the thing sitting on top of all that yarn? Dude, it's a light-up crochet hook...I'm. In. Love. I crochet on the bus ride home and it's always really dark so now I can crochet! I brought it to school and got mixed reactions (either "that's so cool!" or "what the hell?")Besides being awesomely bright it is also really comfortable. My hand does not hurt as much as it sometimes does with my aluminum hooks.

Here it is shoved in my pink yarn and shining through :) I love all things bright and shinySo, I woke up last sunday to this:
SNOW!!!!! It's been randomly snowing (well, really flurrying) lately, but not anything snowman worthy.
I started knitting the skull socks of fury and since these are my first knit socks I'm having issues. I probably should have picked a more professional pattern, but the skulls called to me.
(I attempted to show the snow in the background, but it didn't work.) I'm actually up to the heel now, but it is now frozen in time and I haven't knit on it since.
I have recently discovered something of awesomeness called StitchBook which is an application on facebook. It is pretty cool and seems to have a large community. Personally I'll stick to craftster and ravelry, but it seems interesting.

So I have recently discovered the wonder of knit and crochet podcasts. I have no idea what took me so long. Here are the ones I am currently subscribed to:
Cast On - very well done and interesting
It's a Purl, Man - male podcaster, very interesting
Knitters Uncensored - I only listened to one episode, but I wasn't so impressed
Limenviolet - beyond awesome. There are no words to describe my love for them. hysterical
Make magazine - very interesting crafts that are always ultra cool (video)
Pointy Sticks - well done, interesting to listen to
SSK - I haven't gotten a chance to listen yet, but I've heard it's very good
Sticks & String - love the podcast, the music, the accent, and the essays. very well done.
The Mosh Knit - a punk knitter. I only listened to about 10 minutes, and it seems okay so far.
YarnCraft - by Lionbrand. Very good and has recently interviewed Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee so they're in my good book.

Now I just have to find time to listern to all of them.
It's been a bit crazy over here what with applying for schools in Israel and dealing with school, but I have a bit of a break now for chanukah (I go back wednesday) so I'm so excited for some time to chill and craft a bit.

toodles and Happy Chanukah!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks

Okay, so there is much to talk about on this Turkey Day.
Things I give thanks for: Yarn from my mummy's boss. She used to knit alot and said she was never going to use this.Beyond yummy yarn.
I am also thankful for scarves made out of said yummy yarn:

Also thank you Lime N' Violet (most awesome podcasters) for keeping me sane (or insane) this past week. Hold my monkeyAlso thank you Mrs. Hairdresser for making my hair peeeerty for yearbook pictures (hair shown above)

Thank you brain for finally realizing that a make1 and a YO are DIFFERENT. Sure, it was a little late, but still, thanks for the knowledge

the bottom part is where I was doing make1's. The pattern is Branching Out from Knitty.
Thank you Ravelry for showing me theSeraphina Shawl pattern that I have fallen in love with. I see a future gift for my grandmother.
Thanks to my synaguage for making a Chanukah Boutique even though I sold practically nothing (okay like 6 things). But still, it was sorta fun.

Turns out that I had no reason to freak out. I now have surplus so I'm considering opening up an etsy shop.
Thank you Macy's for a wonderful Thanksgiving Day Parade. The crowd was so packed that I could barely breathe, but it was a lot of fun.
Thank you God for my family, my education, my stash, and for turkey. It was delicious (the turkey, I mean...well I guess also the stash).

Happy Turkey Day

Monday, November 12, 2007

counting down...

So... the Boutique is in 3 days...65 hours. Minus around 20 hours(roughly) of sleeping. Minus 7 hours of school times 3= 21 hours. Minus hours getting ready in the morning = 3 hours. Minus eating dinner= roughly 2 hours. Minus the amount of time I ride on the bus to a from school = about 3 hours total. Minus my gossip girl fix= 1 hour. That leaves me with... 15 hours!!! That's it! That's all the time I have left. that's like 2-3 scarves, or 3-4 hats. That's nothing.
As you can tell, I am soooo not ready. I'm also having mini freakouts because of the amount responsibilities I took on this year. I made a list of things to do... and I lost it. So now I don't know what to do.Therefore, I blog. I mean it's only close to 1AM. So what if I'm getting up at 6:45 AM. So what if I fail my test tommorow because I didn't write notes in that class. I'll just have more mini-freakouts. It's all good. Basically.. stress=woah. Senior year is not looking so fun from this angle. I just got to keep trudging to the second half (AKA= lazy) of senior year. And now I'm going to sleep.


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hand Pains - 11 days left

So for the past 2 weeks my computer has been slowly dying. It started with a few innocent pop-ups. Then the internet got slower. Eventually the internet froze over like a lake in January. This leaves me with a lot of free time. So I was good girl and studied for my psychology test... okay, so I haven't cracked open the book. But the Chanukah Boutique is in less than 2 weeks! I honestly don't know how I'll be ready. I'm not going to say the running count of hats and scarves because the number is embarrasingly small. So today I worked on 3 seperate scarves and 2 hats. I also sewed in the ends on 4 projects. I was so proud of myself. And then on the last row of one particulary spectacular scarf my hand protested. Little winces of pain in my wrist. Grrrr. Since I have a large fear of carpal tunnel I put the scarf down. It's sitting on the chair next to me, tauntingly. I think this may be God's way ofsaying that I should get off my butt and study psychology... or the 300 vocab words I have to learn by Tuesday (I'm so not exagerating,I counted). Or He could be telling em that if I'm planning on studying in Israel next year, I should fill out some applications. So I'm taking a few hours break from crocheting, but of course instead of studying I'm writing (on the family's computer because, if you recall, mine is terminal). I'm am also itching to make myself some socks... and finish up my granny blanket, and make a hat or scarf for ME! but of course nothing is going to get done until I finish the things for the boutique. Oh woe, is the life of a crocheter.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why am I blogging when I have a test to study for? -or- An insane amount of pics

okay, so I may be procrasinating, but it's all in the spirit of crafting. (at least that's what I keep telling myself. I haven't posted in forever so I got a ton to share. Despite the fact that I am supposed to be working on scarves and hats for the boutique coming up (Nov. 15!) I seem to have many mysterious projects popping up.
First, I attempted book binding. Then I gave up on it. So I made up my own bookbinding.I wuv it. The spirals I just made a circle of wire and put beads on them. The book is full of random paper, envelopes, college brochures, and other random paraphenalia that I thought would be cool to use. The envelope is to hold the random pieces of paper I usually write my poems on.

After this I suddenly had the urge to make a dress. Afterabout 5 rows I decided to giveup on that, but didn't want to frog what I had done. Then I realized what a pretty headband it was! I love awesome mistakes.

So since it's been the holiday of Sukkot (holiday of the booths) we had to decorate our succah (a tentish type thing you have your meals in)I think me and my sisters did an awesome job decorating. It's only halfway done in the pic. My sister had too much fun with the decorations...

Then I went to hide so I wouldn't have to help cook. Don't WIP granny blankets make the best hiding spots. See if you can find me.

In a last attempt to grab at the wisps of summer my family went to the beach. It was awesome. Me and my sisters went far out to were the waves weren't breaking, just the water swelled high up and you kept having to jump.Here we are, desperately trying t not to drown. You can see my sister looking back to see when the next wave was coming.

Okay, finally, I do have a few boutique WIP pics. First I went to Michaels and bought a bunch of yarn, 2 hooks, and a pair of really thick knitting needles.I started a white knit scarf. Check out the state of my keyboard :PMe in a knitting frenzy:I started a brown hat but it started looking like a bald cap
I continued anyway and it didn't turn out that bad. I also started a really pretty pick shell scarf.By the way, my face was so the best place to photograph I so don't know how this photo happpened, but I love it.

And finally, this is the truth about crochet addiction.
Drugs are bad, yo.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Yarn, books, and face-painting

This sticker was on a bannana which is so funny because this is normally what I do with bannana stickers. lol It really made my day. Anyway I got my mother to let me use her computer. yay! So now I got some pictures.

First is one square of a granny square scarf that I am so gonna run out of yarn for before its finished. I finished the first square yesterday during babysitting (thank God for gamecube). Here it that scarf that is identical to the one I made last year. I finished the main body but I have to make the fringe. Same sister posing.
I wanted to get a scarf flying picture and this was the best I got. Very odd picture lol.
Also, I have a new must-read book. And author. I've read other Jodi Picoult books and they are all amazing. I'm almost done with Nineteen Minutes and it is so heavy that I have to occasionally switch between this and a trashy teen book. It's very deep. She makes all the characters so real. Definitely recommended.
And while I was transfering pics to my computer I found these pics I took when my father took my family to a outdoor mozart concert. They had face painting for the kids(I'm still a kid right?). I'm a dragon lol.

I'm such a dork :P